06 October 2009

1973 Dodge Charger en Plastique

20" x 26", watercolour on Yupo, 2009

This painting is also in my current show at The Pilot Tavern in Yorkville (see this post for venue details), which will be up through Christmas.

When I was painting this car, I initially thought the white roof was convertible (and it's hard to tell from the photo ref) but I am assured by my cousin who's got a keen eye for cars -and could tell just by looking at my painting- that it's just a different colour.

Growing up I had a friend one street over whose dad had a car almost exactly like this (the roof was the same colour as the body and the colour may have been more on the gold side) and I remember getting a ride to school one snowy winter's day in that car. Back then I didn't know anybody else who had this kind of car and didn't seem to see one anywhere else, even in passing, so an early 70s Dodge Charger was always "Jim's dad's car" to me --even while painting this picture roughly thirty years later.
Jim, if you're reading this, drop me a line...

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