13 October 2009


11" x 15", watercolour, 2001, private collection

In a way, this is a painting of a self-portrait since I took the photo myself, and that photo was among the first few that I took with my brand new Kodak 1-megapixel digital camera --which was pretty nice back then. It even had a 1" LCD screen at the back! So I was fooling around one night, testing the capabilities of the camera and ended up with the shot above: the orange blobs are actually lens flares and the shadow is being cast from a supporting pillar in my place at the time. I printed the photo on my also-not-bad-for-back-then printer and used that for painting ref. Nowadays, I take my photoshop-enhanced digital files to a photo place and get nice prints to use as my reference.

The title refers to my age at the time, although I can't remember which month I painted this, the photo was taken somewhere around April.

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