23 March 2010

Corona Solis (november)

22" x 15", watercolour, 2000

There was a helluva storm last night with blustery winds howling through the trees and rain pelting our windows. Our composter flew apart! So I'm making a plea to the weather gods for some sunshine by posting number 14 from my sunflowers series.

Here's Ashley yet again. She turns up in a few more of these sunflower paintings -- in one of them, she's wearing the same dress, but in it's in its "correct" colours (black with a white floral pattern; see it in CS (november)). Making the dress white for this painting was another experiment in flatness and negative space, that is, to see if the forms would read appealingly even if they're not described by shading. A white dress then necessitated either a black floral pattern or a colour. I went with violet to complement the green background.

This painting also features an interesting multi-triangle composition (which I somehow didn't notice until well after I painted it):

That nifty composition and inverting the colours in the dress existed since my early sketch:


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