24 November 2010

The Beginning

Stuff II: Gumby's Perspective, approx 18" x 15"(?), watercolour, 1988, private collection

It was in late November, 1988(!) when I first explored the realm of watercolour painting in my high school art class. Mostly, and obviously, I was experimenting with the behaviour of the paint itself and not too worried about making anything representational --except for the little Gumby down in the bottom right. Why Gumby? Why not?

This painting also features my first use of the stained glass-like abstract motif that a friend at the time dubbed "matrix." I got hooked on watercolours while making the  gradations in the various panels. I remember thinking how active and alive the paint was. I still find it exciting to work with a medium that wants to do its own thing but doesn't mind being directed; it feel co-operative, collaborative...almost dance-like. This feeling is amplified when I use watercolours on Yupo.

The bizarre name for this piece was suggested by my friend, Tom McAlister. I felt it was as weird as the picture, so I used it. I think Tom has this painting...

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