08 December 2010

Red Wine (Coke 3)

24" x 36", oil on canvas, 2001, private collection

Where do I start with this one?
I've had a love/hate relationship with this painting since I "finished" it (or "abandoned" it, as some would say), and had considered recycling the canvas about a dozen times over the years.

There's a lot to like: the dark, warm, slightly-out-of-focus background; the wine glass with that tasty glint; the highlights in Ashley's hair. But the hands are weird and the paint is too chunky with clumsy transitions/gradations in her face. Still, that hard edge light on her face and shoulder really helps to push her forward from the dark bookshelf, creating an appealing separation of planes.

It's a keeper.

The title once again refers to the fact that I used Coca-Cola in the wine glass because I didn't have any wine at the time of the photo shoot.

This is one of nine paintings I've currently got hanging (until the end of January) in a lovely French bistro in Belleville called L'Auberge de France.
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