22 December 2010

Sreken Bozik

Ink & digital, 2005

I'm not religious, but I do enjoy many of the cultural traditions associated with this time of year (seeing family and friends, eating, drinking, laughing), and I thought it'd be fun to make my own Christmas cards for to send out to friends and family.

Of course, it had to be fun and festive, and I wanted to acknowledge my own Macedonian heritage (and my previous year's card was religious enough), so I dressed up a snow-woman in traditional Macedonian garb (complete with handkerchief for her to twirl while dancing an oro) and included the words "Sreken Bozik" ("Merry Christmas," basically) in Cyrillic.

The border is made up of traditional patterns in fabrics that I assembled in Photoshop, and the snowflakes are clipart!

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