06 January 2012


22" x 12", watercolour, 1998

I did a few sketches to figure out the composition for this, starting with the large one on the top right (then the three on the left, then, finally, the bottom right), and I had intended to use the word "orbit" on the painting itself, (incorporating my signature and a small dot as other "orbiting" elements). I changed my mind and left the word off, but only after a few more sketches to work out the matrix arrangement, deciding on the appearance of stylized falling broken glass (for purely aesthetic reasons).

This should have been a comic-like triptych depicting an actual orbit around the paper –as it is now, however, the title is a complete non sequitur (which is okay by me). Maybe I'll re-do it that way in oils...(I have to look for the reference photos I shot, because I like the hand placement in the bottom left sketch).

This painting was part of Operation: Waterstorm.
For background info on the title, see my post about evade.

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