07 June 2012

George Washington 1 & 2

17" x 14", ink on paper, 2003, private collections

In the summer of 2003 I went on a road trip* with my sister and my cousin to the east coast of Canada and then south into the States as far as Boston.

We didn't see very much of it or stay for long, but I really liked Boston and its amazing juxtaposition of centuries old architecture right next to shiny new buildings. Fore future painting reference, I took tons of pictures with my Minolta and these two paintings are (very obviously) based on my pics of the statue of George Washington in Boston Common.

I did these two as souvenirs for my road trip mates and the inclusion of text was inspired by old travel posters. The photos of the paintings themselves are a little wobbly since I took them before they were framed –I assure you, the baseline for the text is a little straighter than it appears here.

*Incidentally, just as we crossed back over the border, we encountered several power outages which we discovered about an hour or so later were related to the Northeast Blackout.

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