31 January 2013

The 400 Blows

The Rolling Pin Variations
acrylic on Bristol board, 17" x 14", 2008
all paintings are in various private collections

The title of this blog post refers to Truffaut's classic film of the same name, ties in nicely with the content of this series, and is also a sly reference to the fact that this is my 400th post. In fact, these paintings were done in the summer of 2008, a few months after I started this blog.

I wanted to try some "action-oriented" paintings and had my friend Kimwun Perehinec come over for a photo shoot to swing around a rolling pin and other kitchen implements. These experimental works are part of my (sort of open-ended and ongoing) Kitchen Warfare series, of which these three watercolours are my favourites.

I'd like to try these again one day using watercolour on Yupo (like the ones linked above) since I seem to better capture a sense of action and movement in that medium. This was also the first time I tried another medium other than ink on Bristol board; acrylic's not my favourite medium and I'm more comfortable using inks on paper anyway. Speaking of ink on paper, Kimwun also appeared in my Burning the Midnight Oil painting marathon last December, somewhere in the third quarter.

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