25 March 2009

Ceci n'est pas un cabernet sauvignon

30" x 40", oil on canvas, 2001, private collection

This painting is one of my First Four oil paintings (along with this one and this one and one more which isn't good enough to be shown and will be painted over once I get my hands on it again) done just before my Interiors series.

There are bits and pieces here and there I think are successful (the intense highlights on the hair and glasses just below the light, and the sharply-focused glass against the blurry background) and there are others I'd like to paint over and fix with the benefit of now having eight years' experience. I did go back and touch up the light flare, making it less pink, and I fixed the hand a bit, but this here is an earlier photo of the painting before the changes.

This painting is also not in the Runnymede Library show which ends this Saturday (28 March).

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