09 March 2009

l'Ashley lit Joseph Campbell

30" x 40", oil on canvas, 2001

Nope, this painting isn't part of my show still going on for the remainder of March at the Runnymede Library, but it deals with reading and has Ashley, so I it's at least thematically related to the last post. It also deals with booze, and for anyone going to see the art show, there are several nice pubs in the area --and an LCBO right across the street from the library itself.

This painting is among my first four oil paintings done right before (and this one directly inspired) my Interiors series. Here, Ashley is reading the same Joseph Campbell book as Aisha and she's almost in exactly the same spot in my studio as the previous post, but from an earlier photo shoot (you can tell by her hair's length). Also, that's not wine in her glass. Also-also, pardon my French.

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