17 March 2009

Ceci n'est pas un shiraz

36" x 36", oil on canvas, 2001, private collection

This painting isn't in the Runnymede Library show, either.

This is actually my very first oil painting after having abandoned that medium after only a few attempts in high school. I initially bought two 36" x 36" canvases with the intent to use a special gesso that, supposedly, would enable me to paint in watercolours on them. I prepped the canvases (but probably incorrectly) and the watercolours just weren't working, so I decided to try an opaque medium and chose oils over acrylics. The other painting done in conjunction with this one isn't worth showing or seeing.

I think her eyes and the right portion of the glass tunred out nicely, but I think the blue background could be less saturated.

As the title suggests, that's not wine in her glass --it's Coca-Cola. I simply didn't have any wine on hand during the photo shoot and that was the only dark drink handy.

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