22 April 2013


Strength: diptych with digital text

Under the literal banner of "strength" I wanted to juxtapose two concepts that seem opposite to me (military might and family), almost like a Cold War-era propaganda poster –but without using the design tropes associated with those.

Above is a digital composition of the two ink paintings that were intended to be framed together and the word "strength" (in Cyrillic) painted (or screen printed) on the glass. They were never framed and I've since painted the background of the left side red to match the other portraits of my dad and uncles in their Yugoslavian military uniforms.

Strength (port side):
17" x 14", ink and acrylic on Bristol board

This is my mother's brother, Stefan, who now lives north of Toronto, and the only one of my uncles to be photographed (that I know of) in his uniform brandishing an actual weapon. It's kind of unsettling, considering all of my uncles are really gentle, peaceful guys.

Strength (starboard side):
17" x 14", ink on Bristol board

This is Kathy, a family friend, holding one of my cousins' sons. I added the traditional costume for a more specific ethnic reference to "family".

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