Day 07 (of 33)

33 on 33: Day 07
20" x 20", oil on canvas, 2013

My seventh day of painting: at the County Junction Family Diner.

See the Grand Map.

See the full post for this painting.

Afterthoughts: It was during, but mostly after, this painting that I decided I had to try and experiment a little bit with colours and the basic drawing. I tried a little too hard to capture this scene in my usual realistic way, but the various circumstances of painting en plein air and the complexity of the subject (specifically, those multi-spoked wheels) made this a challenge too great for me, obviously.

Also, I realized that, with this series, I could take some chances and get weird and experimental...or, at least, just loosen up a great deal (which I did with the next painting...colour experimentation and slight abstraction started showing up a few days later).


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