20 June 2016

Mister Forty-sixer Poster 2

17" x 11", photography and digital, 2016

Following up on the original Mister Forty-sixer poster from earlier this month, I figured, since another of my friends is turning 46 this year (today!), maybe he could be included in this weird fake movie. I grabbed a suitable pic from his Facebook images, but thought that Tony looking at his phone wasn't dramatic enough, so I incorporated Chris (the titular Mr. 46-er) as a hologram who's apparently just made Tony the Elf's hit list –which, I presume because of his thoroughness, will only be checked once (this caption, as the one in the previous poster, also doesn't make any sense either, as well).

Wouldn't it be fun –in a weird way, I guess– to see a movie whose entire cast is 46 years old?


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