09 November 2009

Casey Post Script

fig. 17. Casey applies for a job with Blue Man Group while Punch looks on.

I mentioned near the end of Part One that Krista was most likely making the second Casey head for nefarious purposes...and I was right.

Not satisfied with making a second Casey head from my sculpt, Krista has sculpted her own Punch and has now cloned FIVE of them in paper maché (only one of which is pictured above). She's currently working on multiple Judy heads (you can see the design in her sketchbook behind Punch).

Kidding aside, these are just the base colours of the heads; they'll look different when they're done...although I still suspect nefarious intentions regarding Casey: Krista mentioned something about a Gollum puppet...

UPDATE, 12 December 2010: Krista finished her Dark Casey quite a while ago, but I've finally blogged about him here. Enjoy!

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