18 November 2009

Fuel 2

36" x 24", oil on canvas, 2009, private collection

Over a year ago, I posted the original watercolour painting of Fuel with the larger, abstracted oil on canvas version and I mentioned at the end that I had done this other version. I linked to my Etsy shop once that was up and running this summer, but I still hadn't posted a picture of the new painting here.

I love the deep red background and it complements the greens of the sweater and bottle very nicely. I played with the lighting this time and exaggerated the brightness at her shoulder and had the light drop off somewhat toward the bottom to exaggerate the shadows (clearly going for a bit of a Phile Hale look to the lighting).

Concurrently with this painting, I made another "oil translation" of an existing watercolour featuring the same model in the same sweater. Stay tuned...

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