31 July 2010

Paint the County

From CountyLive:
"Close to 20 artists...set up their easels to “Paint The County” Saturday, July 31st in an inaugural event initiated by Arts on Main and sponsored by Black Prince Winery and the Prince Edward County Arts Council. All artists will be easily recognized as they paint in various locations wearing Paint the County T-shirt. All the artwork...will be at Black Prince Winery for a silent auction which ends on Aug. 1st at 4 pm.  All proceeds from the artwork, as well as $2 from all wine sold during the two days will go to the PEC Alternatives for Women."

A couple of weeks ago, the participating artists got together at the Black Prince to have our locations randomly selected. I got the Edward building and had a great time painting there from 10-4.

My setup in front of The Edward.

We didn't necessarily have to paint what we were assigned to; we could paint anything we wanted to and bring prepped pieces. I had started a new series of five birdies (the same ones in Big Birdies 2, but single ones and from different angles) and had only gotten to the orange acrylic underpainting phase, so I picked one and brought it. Below is the progression of BB Mono 2 over the six hours I was out there:

And the final painting:
BB Mono 2
18" x 14", oil on canvas, 2010, private collection

UPDATE (3/08/10):
Paint the County raised over $5,000 for Alternatives for Women. 44 of the 52 pieces of art donated for the cause were sold (including my little birdy above).

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