15 July 2010

Without List

15" x 22", watercolour, 2000, private collection

For this painting, I shot Aisha in the alley behind the building where we both worked (on a show called Prime Business (that lasted two years (1999-2001) before it was cancelled)).

I liked the graffiti and the different textures of brick all in the same place. I briefly considered incorporating my signature into the graffiti, but that might've been too obvious, huge, and dumb.
I used white ink for the tiny highlights on the wall and on her lips.

I made another painting with the same title (featuring another co-worker on the same show) sitting in a chair, listless. These were days when I was feeling quite listless (even though I was painting a lot) and I have photos of at least two other models I've shot in similar poses, waiting to be painted. Nowadays, my lists are endless, but the feelings of the past aren't forgotten and often need to be addressed.

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