22 July 2010

Without List 2

10" x 22.5", watercolour, 2000

More listlessness.
I kinda like that word: listlessness. All those hissing esses.

The model for this was Kim, our amazingly professional Assistant Director on Prime Business (a business news show). I painted this one some time (but I don't remember how long) after the first Without List, and as I said in that post, I still have several other photos of models sitting in chairs quite listlessly. Maybe I'll continue and make it a proper "series" one day. She also appears in CS (hotel) and CS (zulu).

The chair she was sitting in was already black, but I wanted to further draw attention to Kim and the emotion, so I made the background very dark as well.

Also, this is another watercolour I'm considering "translating" into an oil --that is, using the same photo ref and doing a larger oil painting from it, like I did with Fuel and Unravel Me.

UPDATE: that larger oil painting is The Fiercest Calm.

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