Leaning Poles

16" x 20", oil on canvas, 2011, private collection

Last year I had a watercolour painting (which I have not blogged about yet) in the local Art in the County juried exhibit which won both Honourable Mention and People's Choice awards. As a consequence of the latter award, the organizers asked me to provide a piece for this year's silent auction, so I rummaged through my photo ref that I took while driving around Prince Edward County last summer and painted the picture above. In fact, I just finished it last night and it's still wet, so we'll see if the recent heat keeps up to help it dry before the show opens on 16 June...

Entirely coincidentally, I've submitted a larger painting (Tractor and Barn, which I finished last fall) for the AITC show proper --so if that one gets in, could it be considered...barn storming?


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