24 February 2012

Two Year Anniversary Give-Away!

This week marks the two year anniversary of moving to our home at Small Pond Arts. 

It really seems like I’ve done more things and accomplished more goals in the past two years than in the five years previous...

Bought our first home
Buried a time capsule
Designed posters for all of our events I'm learning how to ride a unicycle  Learned some basic construction skills Had a few art shows (in no particular order): Field to Canvas, Sommerfest, Art in the County 2010 and 2011, Something About the Garden, Blizzmax 2011 Season Opener, Cousins, Terroir, Artevino, Arts on Main 2012
Learned how to make pickles
Built a website for and started a blog about Small Pond Arts
Walked up and down Main St. Picton dozens of times...on stilts
Was in local newspapers and magazines a bunch of times
Learned how to use a scythe

On top of that, I painted some pictures. Assembling the (non-chronological) list of paintings I made in the past two years was interesting:

Full-bodied a, b, and c the Carmen mural in Chesterfields  Paint the County 2010 and 2011 The 12 Field to Canvas portraits Leaning Poles (small version) Near Lake Saguaro 14 Barnscapes (so far only blogged this and this and this)
Lipstick Levins
Tractor and Barn BB Mono 1 and 3
Life Jackets
six wine paintings (plus a test) using Baco Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec
and my own big head 

This is more of an itemization rather than simply bragging, but there are many new skills in there that I never dreamed I’d have or ever need to have. And, as hard as I’ve worked on all this, I feel I should have done more.
Krista and I did a lot of that stuff together, but for a list of her own impressive accomplishments, click here.
A lot of people ask how we did all this. How did we make a life for ourselves that seems to most people like a crazy dream?
Well if you have a crazy dream, guess what? You can actually do it. Well, probably. But it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes fearlessness. Courage. Support of your friends and family. A little bit of foolishness. And lots, and lots, and LOTS of hard work.


Now it’s your turn.

We want to know what you’ve done in the last two years.  What are your accomplishments?  What are you most proud of?

Tell us in the comments section below by 7 PM on 15 March 2012 and you could WIN one of these great prizes:

I could be yours.

First Prize: A custom oil portrait of you, or someone of your choosing, painted by me.
Second Prize: A Yeti puppet (pictured above) by Krista.
Third Prize:
Two CD's from our friend, Arlene BishopSnarky Girlpop and Begin Again.

One entry per person, please.
We’ll post the winners here on 15 March 2012 by 8 PM as selected by random.org

Now toot your own horn, and good luck!

*     *     *
See the result for the winner of the custom oil portrait

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