02 April 2012

Leaning Poles [Large]

36" x 36", oil on canvas

I find it interesting now to reflect on my recent body of work and see that, since moving to Prince Edward County, my paintings have followed an organic progression of responses to my new surroundings beginning with three still lifes in oils of wine (representing the burgeoning wine industry here), 12 portraits of local farmers (representing the strong agricultural presence in PEC), six more wine paintings (but using wine as the medium), and, of course, these 15 Barnscapes (depicting some of the local landscape).
My next five paintings are of livestock from a couple of the farms I visited.
Additionally, I'm currently in pre-production for another large series that will continue my landscape awareness and appreciation by contrasting some of the differences between my suburban/urban home growing up (Scarborough/Toronto) and my rural home now at Small Pond.

As with Daytime Version, this painting is a larger version of an earlier painting I did based on the same photo ref. Click here to see the smaller version of this one and to learn a bit about it.

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