26 April 2012

Winter Chicken 1

18" x 14", oil on canvas

Here's a nice portrait of the beautiful chicken on John Della Bosca's shoulder in my portrait of him and his wife, Geri.

When visiting a selection of farmers in Prince Edward County for my Field to Canvas series, I shot a lot of photo reference for use back in my studio. Along with the obvious shots of the people, I took a few pictures of their farms and some livestock in case I needed to incorporate them into their portraits, or, as above and with my recent cow paintings (here, here, and here), for use as reference for separate paintings altogether.


There's another painting of winter chickens on the way, and you can see it in its early stage below.

Early stage with orange acrylic ground:
Top canvas is John Della Bosca's chicken.
Bottom canvas is three of John Nyman's chickens.

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