County 101: The Stack

It shall begin with Rosebud...

I'd call it a tradition, but this is only the second* –and likely the last– time I'm doing this kind** of marathon, but here is The Stack: 101 pencilled pages of Bristol board ready to be inked over the course of 101 hours starting tomorrow at 4pm (Monday 18 November). By 9pm Friday night they should all be done and getting ready for their exhibition at Williams Family Diner in Picton for two weeks starting December 1.

At the top of The Stack, and first to be painted tomorrow, is Rosebud in a better view (in profile) than the one I used for my 33 on 33 painting).

Also, tomorrow afternoon, just before the marathon gets underway, I'll be announcing the the winners of my 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Paintings Giveaway and five of my watercolours will have new homes.

There's been some press coverage for County 101 already: here's a nice piece from the Wellington Times.

The entire marathon (barring any unforeseen circumstances) will be streamed live RIGHT HERE, so bookmark that link and tune in to see how I'm doing. If I'm passed out or in a state of RobFordian hysterics***, please send for help.

Joking aside, I feel very well-prepared for this adventure and there are many very beautiful and interesting scenes from all over Prince Edward County that I'm excited about and look forward to painting. The people have spoken, I'm ready for County 101; let my County education continue!

*not including the time in 1989 where I simply stayed awake for 100 hours (no painting).

**previously on Insomniac Theatre

***the various "puppet breaks" you'll see throughout are intentional and are not to be taken as a sign of distress


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