10 December 2014

Seizing the Day (x2)

Nunc est bibendum
14" x 11", oil on wood panel, 2014

The titles of these two translate from the Latin as, respectively, "now is the time to drink" and "now is the time to dance footloose upon the earth," both phrases intended to convey the same sentiment as carpe diem, or "seize the day."

With these paintings I wanted to show moments (like with R&R) when the soldiers took some time away from the harsh reality of war and made the most of those rare opportunities.

Nunc pede libero pulsanda tellus
20" x 16", oil on wood panel, 2014

The top painting is based on a moment in a documentary I found quite moving, one soldier helping a wounded one have a bit of a drink, combined with an image of barbed wire from elsewhere. The bottom painting is based on a photo I found in the Belleville Armoury and I was so taken by the sheer joy of the men in it that I had to include it in my WWI painting project. I don't know if they knew exactly what they were getting into, but these men from the Prince Edward – Hastings Regiment (the Hasty Pees) were certainly having a fun time in the snow before going overseas.

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