14 October 2016

Live Painting: 14 October 2016

The video below is just under 90 minutes of me working on two watercolours which I live-streamed via Facebook...and provided dubious semi-instructive, mildly interesting "play-by-play" style commentary. Initial technical difficulties aside (the image orientation gets corrected pretty soon after the start), it's fairly watchable.

The footage is reversed so that I could monitor my framing using the iPad's screen, so it looks like I'm working left-handed, but I'm not (not that there's anything wrong with that).

For the curious: the painting with the flaming sword is titled Lost in a Riddle, and the autumnal painting is titled Things Are Looking Up, which are both part of a trio of Jon J Muth-inspired misty forest scenes along with Artificial Heart, and all three are part of my recent 13-painting watercolour project (of which, only two (yet-to-be-painted ones) are actually related).

For the curiouser: my previous painting using the same model ref as the one in the video (the autumnal scene) is If This Goes On... (from 1994!).

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