20 October 2016

Live Painting: 19 October 2016

For this live painting session, I decided not to prep too much before starting, so you can see exactly how I start a painting, therefore, the majority of the video (just under 2 hours) is me blocking in shadows with violet (actually, technically, Permanent Magenta). My commentary is sparse, as I spent the morning stacking firewood on the front porch (and was, therefore, pretty tired), plus, beyond "blocking in shadows," there's not much to say. Instead of silence (or worse, forced blathering) I had musical copyright-approved accompaniment from Supposubly.

The same technical issues from the previous Facebook video return and I manage to invert the camera before too long so you can actually see me painting (rather than seeing the back of my hand), but the reversed view continues, so I, again, appear to be left-handed (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The paintings being worked on are Inside a Broken Clock and Inside a Broken Clock 2, both featuring Kimwun and a certain waitress. The location is my former co-workers' house on Donlands I photographed for my Interiors series.

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