12 October 2016

With Fever You Will Have A Bout

22" x 15", watercolour, 2016

That's my friend and often-used model, Ashley, once again –this time apparently experiencing some kind of feverish delirium. Taking into account a couple of miscounts and do-overs (or whatever) this very well may be my fortieth painting featuring Ashley.

This a re-use of reference previously used for Pure as a Lover's Desire, Evil as a Murderer's Dream...which is, admittedly, third-season-Star-Trek-level of too long a title.

I used gesso for the wobbly circles and dots.

The title is borrowed from a line in Michael Penn's song Strange Season. I've borrowed from him before for these paintings (at least!): Virtuous or Virtual?, Close, Figment, and Wall.

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