01 September 2012

If This Goes On...

22" x 15", watercolour, 1994

In my last post I briefly discussed my observation that I tend to wait a lot. This painting (done four year earlier) was probably the first one in which I explored this theme and was actually heavily inspired by an ink drawing by Arthur Adams I saw back in the 80s called "Waiting for the Prince" featuring a woman in a very similar pose (but that's where the similarities end). Without List 2 is, in it's own way, thematically linked.

I didn't choose the model's outfit for this, but there seems to be a sort of "denim agenda" going on. I think this was the start of my interest in painting jeans, evidenced quite well in Take a Break, Driver 8 (in watercolours) as well as in my portrait of Lino Micheli (in oils), among others...

My painting here deals with the melancholy of waiting, but the title comes from a frightening short story with the same name by Robert A. Heinlein. Look it up and read it.

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