02 September 2012


17" x 14", ink on paper, 2005

I've been rummaging through an old sketchbook (#24, dated 05 November 2004 – 18 May 2005) and found some doodles I'd like to post here for fun (I like looking at other artists' sketchbooks, so maybe someone will find these interesting in turn).

The reference for the painting above was shot with a poster for the opera Tosca in mind (I was working as an opera costumer at the time and had access to some great costumes like the awesome dress for Carmen). These posters weren't commissions but rather fun projects that added another dimension to my portfolio. I decided to just paint Krista straight up here, but later used the same reference for the far more dramatic Honey.

The notes suggest Tosca should have "alotsa pearls" and "maybe even AMORE pearls" –which would have been either silly overkill or awesome extravagance.

Additions and changes: the dress is now red and there's a lion! (which is based on my own photo reference of the same statue from Montreal that I used in The Lady and the Lions). I never did make a fake poster for Tosca, but I really like the two paintings of Krista I made using this ref.

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