08 September 2012

September Sketch Fest Part 6

More from sketchbook #24.

Growing up in the 1970s we had lots of great cartoons to watch, mostly on Saturday mornings. Sure, the animation (and drawing...and storytelling) in the American shows was kind of lame in most cases, but we were kids and didn't know any better.

But then there were the Japanese cartoons: Star Blazers, Grandizer, Gaiking, Spaceketeers, Starvengers, Danguard Ace, and, pictured above, Battle of the Planets. Most of the English translations were pedestrian and sanitized for North American consumption, but we loved what we got. BotP was my favourite and was my first exposure to what I would much later learn was referred to as animé. Many early elementary school recesses consisted of us kids recreating the adventures of G-Force in the schoolyard. Oh, yes.

Above (left to right) is Princess, Mark, and the amazingly-designed Phoenix. It wasn't until the mid-to-late 90s that I learned that the show was originally called Gatchaman in Japan and had a much more serious (and better!) storyline.

This kid's hand looks huge, but I'm gonna say it's the glove that's huge: the glove is huge. But the hat is wrong (drawn too small); I'll take the blame for the hat.

This is supposed to be Tim Burton, but, as my note suggests, it also kinda looks like PJ Harvey (I'm not implying that Harvey has facial hair; I think the resemblance is mostly in the nose). You be the judge.

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