06 September 2012

September Sketch Fest Part 4

More from sketchbook #24. 

I feel sketching's for practice as much as it is for idea generation/refinement, and you can see that I need lots of practice since most of these are pretty terrible (and you  will probably only ever see the ones I'm not posting if you actually came over and, for some reason, I let you browse through my sketchbooks...which is unlikely). Still, it's fun to share some behind-the-scenes doodles...

Here we have one of the greatest voices ever, Walter Winchell, stiffened up beyond recognition. Howard Hughes down in the bottom left doesn't look as bad, but he's all covered up by cool flying gear. Based on my note, the woman at the bottom right is from a Polish film festival poster, I think. That camera's fun, though...quite possibly a Kodak Duaflex.

Fast drawing to loosen up. To imply shadow I put lots of lines on his face, but if I were planning on using an ink wash for the shadows (like in my painting of Krista), I'd have left most of the lines out to better preserve his youth (see notes below).

Old faces are fun to draw (and paint!). There's a theory in cartooning that says every line you add to a face ages the person you're drawing, so, in other words, youthful faces should have very few lines and old people should have lots. This is a great rule that I have to keep reminding myself of (sketches don't really count, 'cause these are exploratory and such, but look at the guy in the sketch above this one and tell me all those lines on his don't mar his otherwise youthful face.

This one was actually done from life while I was in the audience at a night of readings of new plays. Krista had a play read that night, but this wasn't it. I don't remember this actor's name.

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