03 September 2012

September Sketch Fest Part 1

September has meant "back-to-school" for me for so many years, bringing with it the associated anxiety and a suspicious feeling of unpreparedness, that it still manages to conjure those emotions in me decades after my last official class. So "back to school" it is, or rather, back to the drawing board...

I've shared sketches here before, but they were usually precedents of eventual paintings (or posters or logo designs). This month (among other things) I'll be posting various sketches from book #24 (mentioned with a few sketches from it here) in no particular order –but they may be paired up thematically, if possible...or by whim. These doodles (from life or my own photo reference or from magazines) were as much for practice as they were for fun.

The top window was the one to our bedroom on the third floor of 163 Concord Ave. when Krista and I lived in Toronto. We called it "the shoe box". Now we live here.

This is Krista sleeping on the Via train on our way to Montreal in 2005. It was during this trip that I took photos of a lion statue that would be featured in The Lady and the Lions. Note my choice of rendering the night sky out the window was very abstract.

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