Matt Osborne T-shirt Design

The front.

To coincide with the release of Matt's self-titled (and, sadly, posthumous) CD, we wanted to make some t-shirts to commemorate his music. If you look closely, you'll notice a little paper airplane here (and inside among the liner notes). This was a holdover from my earlier ideas for that CD when it was called All the Rest, tying in to the childhood theme of a red wagon containing as many items mentioned in Matt's songs as would be appropriate.
I don't know how many shirts were made, but mine is still in great shape and I wear it occasionally in the summer.

The back.

This is a compilation of all of Matt's song titles grouped by CD (clockwise from top left: Doggie Blues, Underwater, Man Versus Concrete, and Matt Osborne).

Sketches for All the Rest CD cover.

T-shirt sketches.

Yes, those are two little sketches inside the bigger one.


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