29 May 2013

33 on 33: Day Five

Turn it up
The guitar
I can't hear
The guitar

–TMBG, "The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)"

My scheduled stop for 33 on 33 today was Highway 19 (here's my up-to-date Map of Progress), but I didn't find anything interesting in the vicinity so I went down the road a bit to this hydro station because I love the aesthetic of these things.

This gate swings out.

It was pouring rain this morning when I left home, so I was prepared for a day of painting inside the van, but it stopped by the time I arrived so I set up outside and got going. My other plan for the day was having my old friend, singer/songwriter Jeff Jones, come out from Toronto and play some of his original songs while I painted: a getaway from the city for him and some company and entertainment for me.

He said he'd be at my location around 11AM, but by then I was very nearly finished my painting for the day (with only about an hour's or so work left to do on it). When he arrived we caught up and then it started to rain, so we went for lunch at George's Fish & Chips (mentioned on Day Three), where we sat out the rain and returned to the hydro station for some music and painting.


I reset my gear and continued painting while Jeff played some of his new songs which he recorded for his own videocast thingy, including this recording featuring the improvised "Don't Wanna Streak":

And here's the painting.

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