23 May 2013

33 on 33 Route Map

The County of Prince Edward, Ontario

Following up on my previous post about my 33 on 33 plein air painting project (which begins this Saturday), I've included a map here, highlighting the route along Highway 33 –AKA Loyalist Parkway– that I'll be taking through PEC, starting in Carrying Place in the northwest. This map will be updated with a new green dot daily over on my website.

Since moving here from Toronto three years ago, I have become more interested in, and my affection has grown for, my surrounding landscape, currently enjoying what seems like a County-wide burst of wonderfully fragrant lilac blossoms.

My decision to embark on this journey (see the "previous post" link above) has struck many (including myself) as weird and uncharacteristic of my normal painting habits; I'm normally a studio painter and I work from photographs I (mostly) take myself, and I've hardly ever gone outside to paint from life. However, working in the tradition of plein air painters, while enjoying the countryside of PEC along its main thoroughfare, seems to me the best way of celebrating the scenery of my new home, despite the challenges this poses to me. Of course, being challenged is something I don't shy away from, and I'm determined to learn a lot from this experience.

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