06 March 2014

Cap'n Jabs

approx. 19" x 15", watercolour, 1994, private collection

This is Matias, another fellow crew member I worked with at The Shopping Channel in the 90s. Carrying on from my previous post, his nickname of "Cap'n Jabs" was bestowed on him by Roger, who, having an encyclopedic knowledge of bands and musicians, correlated our Matias with the one from the band Scorpions...but I'm not sure where the "Cap'n" came from.

When I took his picture for this painting, I chose a low angle to make him look imposing, the joke being that his apparently stern persona in the final painting was opposite to his mild-mannered and friendly nature. I made up the uniform, wanting to make it look impressive but non-descript.

Bonus Portrait:

approx. 11" x 15", watercolour, 1994, private collection

During this wave of TSC portraits, Mat asked if I would do a painting of his dad (for his dad's birthday, I think), based on a photo he provided.

Extra Bonus:

The Cap'n and his dad.

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