30 March 2014

Lighter Than Air

22" x 30", watercolour, 1994

Even though I don't believe in angels the imagery still kind of appeals to me –mostly it's the wings, and this particular pair I added to my friend, Sue, are based on a statue of the Winged Victory (AKA Nike) of Samothrace I took a liking to from an art history book.

The title is taken from the cartoon below which itself is on the back cover of a comic anthology from the UK called A1 from the 1980s. This is the back of Book 3 (March 1989, or thereabouts –which I still happily have). The cartoon's written by Jean-Luc Coudray and drawn by the legendary Moebius (AKA Jean Giraud). The  whimsical humour of it, combined with the gorgeous drawing, have made it stick in my mind all these years.

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