29 March 2014

Melanie Doane

11" x 13", watercolour, 1999, private collection

Though not her first album, I became aware of Melanie Doane and her music with Adam's Rib in 1998. I was even at the venue on one of the two nights when she recorded the shows for her Melvin Live CD (a great show and a great live disc).

I did another painting illustrating some lyrics from her song "Waiting for the Tide" featuring Doane and the moon, but the title ended up being used in this rather literal painting featuring Elaine Secord who was currently with the band Squirm who released their album Cold the same year.

If the perspective seems weird, it's because the photo I used for reference is actually a still from one of her videos where the camera's above her and she's looking up.

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