18 March 2014


approx. 18" x 15", coloured pencil on Bristol board, 1994, private collection

Here's my fellow Shopping Channel crew member, Daryl, who worked camera and in the "staging" area, which is where small items like jewellery, figurines, etc. would be displayed for home viewrs before going to the host to interact with on air. I worked with a lot of talented people during my years there, and many of them went to school for broadcasting (and not art school, like me), so they really knew their stuff. Daryl was certainly one of the more expert "stagers" who could make even the crappiest item of Capodimonte look beautiful with his highly-professional lighting skills. Daryl was also well known for having a great sense of style when it came to clothing; he always looked sharp.

Rather than going with watercolours for his portrait, I chose (or maybe he chose) coloured pencils employing a technique I previously used for a few projects at OCA. I think it was his idea to pull this face.

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