05 March 2014

"What, in the name of all that's decent...?"

15" x 22", watercolour, 1994, private collection

Continuing my posts of portraits of my co-workers from my years at The Shopping Channel, Roger Kornfeld here is another producer my crew had. Easily one of my favourite co-workers ever –at any job– Roger's sense of humour was top-notch: witty, irreverent, silly, abundant. He was known for giving people numerous nicknames which could be anything at all, often based on, or referring to, nothing specific, the only logic being your new nickname/s always began with the first letter of your actual name: some of mine included Miguel, Milo, and Mick.

The title is long, sure –nearly as long as some of those third season episodes of the original Star Trek series– but this was one of my favourite phrases Roger would say, often shortened to "WHAT...in the NAME...?" if something was extra weird or troubling. You'd have to watch out when he would utter this phrase because he would soon likely become "shakin' mad" afterward.
I've since adopted it and use it on occasion myself, when confronted with something appropriately baffling.

I was using rather lightweight paper (140lbs, usually) in the early-to-mid 90s and the quality of the paintings reflects that. I started using heavier paper, preferring 300lbs, rough press, for just about everything starting around 1997, enabling me to do more with the paint as it's more absorbent.
That sparkly effect in the grey area was done by sprinkling salt on the wet paint and then brushing off the grains once the paint was dry.

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