04 September 2016

September Sketch Fest Part 36

More selections from Sketchbook #14.

That's Elaine Secord, based on an unused photo taken during the shoot for Squirm's Cold CD.

The above doodle is apparently "based upon a dream," and, though I no longer recall the dream, this was shortly before I bought a few notebooks and dedicated one specifically to transcribe and dreams I remembered upon waking up. Sleep schedule and biological circumstances conspired to enable me to remember so many dreams at that time that I filled three of those books in about two years.

A couple (of several) sketches (not the tree) done for the cover of a CD (A Taste of Heaven) by a guy named Konstantine who didn't end up using me as illustrator/designer. His music was like Yanni...and he had never heard of Mike Oldfield. I recently (and very briefly) tried searching for him online to no avail.

NOTE: This post was meant to be "published" on September 5, but Blogger got all glitchy just after midnight and kept insisting that this join Sketch Fest Part 35 as a September 4 post.

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