07 September 2016

September Sketch Fest Part 38

More selections from Sketchbook #15 (late 1990s).

When Episode One came out my friends and I made fun of it at any opportunity that arose.
This gag was inspired by my friend, Attila's, suggestion. I drew these guys separately, inked them with a brush in my sketchbook, then scanned them in and composited them in my computer where I coloured them and made the lightsaber effect digitally. I have no idea what happened to that completed illustration...and I don't feel like re-compositing these now.

"Dennis the Phantom Menace."

It was funny at the time.

It's still kinda funny.

Ah, sunflowers.

These two were done when I first came up with the idea of painting 26 watercolours of women and sunflowers, each one corresponding to the aviation code (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc.).

By the time I was done I was very sick of painting sunflowers.
I still like the actual flowers, though.

I've been playing around for years with this image, piling all kinds of stuff on and around Ashley (whom I photographed like this based on this sketch), but only ever used this pose for one of my sunflower paintings. I have a feeling I'll finally paint this in some kind of arrangement this winter.

Speaking of Ashley and sunflowers, this eventually was used for Corona Solis (alpha), the very first painting that kicked off a whole alphabet's worth of pictures.

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