17 September 2016

September Sketch Fest Part 47

More selections from Sketchbook #19 (2001-2002).

Scarborough power/telephone lines.
Most likely at Eglinton.
One of many sketches I did for Uncle Seth's Lame Suburban Poetry CD package.

Ashley in the red dress seen in AW-023 and Ceci n'est pas un shiraz.

I've drawn this skull a few times, and painted it once (but from a different angle).

Aisha again (have I used this shot for a painting yet? Maybe...).

When I first started conceptualizing my Interiors series, I thought I'd include people (like Ashley, above). It turns out there were no people at all (except for this one...which had Ashley in it, but only to fill a dark void).

On the right is the companion piece mentioned in this post.


Small brag: the reference I used for the woman on the couch was from some magazine where she was facing the other way. I flipped her in my mind while drawing her. Never done that before (or since) to such a degree of success.

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