20 September 2016

Taylors' Tractor

15" x 22", watercolour, 2016

I've extensively detailed here how watercolour was the medium that ignited my lifelong passion for painting back in the fall of 1988, and I still refer to it as "my first love." Thing is, while I've painted almost 400 paintings (in oils and in inks) since moving to Prince Edward County and setting up my studio/gallery here at Small Pond Arts in 2010, I'd done only one significant watercolour painting, Tim's Home Run –and that was four years ago!

So, what kept me from my first love? Long story short, I find framing works on paper troublesome, but I recently had a breakthrough –a turning point, even– and decided to just get back into watercolours and not worry about anything but the actual painting of the pictures because that's what makes me happy.

And it's making me extremely happy.

This tractor at Honey Wagon Farms in Picton is one of 13 new watercolour paintings I'll be working on over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more...

I still love oils and will continue working in that medium (inks, too), but watercolours are now fully and joyously back in the mix.

This tractor's scoop can just barely be seen as the "seat" for Ed and Sandi Taylor in my portrait of them from 2011 –and that shed is in the background, as well.

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