16 September 2016

September Sketch Fest Part 46

Selections from Sketchbook #19 (2001).

Here's the final (very different) Corona Solis (yankee).

Here's the final (very different) Corona Solis (zulu).

Here's my final (very similar) double portrait of Alfred Hitchcock.

I tried coming up with a bunch of other celebrities to paint portraits of (for illustration portfolio/demonstration to go along with Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman, Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny, Shirley Manson, and Al Pacino & Robin Williams), but a few didn't quite make the cut for various reasons, like Michael Keaton (above) and Jimmy Stewart (below). And my finished Harrison Ford painting turned out kind of sub-par.

Here's my final (very similar) portrait of Tori Amos.

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