Cody Vader

I met Cody in Angéline's parking lot on a snowy morning which gave me perhaps too much diffused light, softening everything and not giving me strong, contrasty shadows. When looking at the photos afterwards, I determined Cody's portrait would reflect this softness around the highlights on his face, but I'd add my own contrast in the form of a very dark background and slightly rough texture on the coveralls. This was the first portrait I completed for Field to Canvas and, I believe, set a strong precedent that I was onto something here.

Cody was "born and raised farming," and his large family has a grand, well-known, and respected presence in the County, farming vegetables, sheep, cash crops, and their famous maple syrup. Follow this link, scroll down to the bottom, to read about their syrup (you'll see John Nyman on that page too!).

Thick, luxurious hair.
(plus negative space)

Amazingly-fun-to-paint coveralls.

Cody showed up dressed for the part because he was actually on his way to work. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't get to spend much time with him (maybe ten minutes --enough to take a few photos), but I got to include these very cool coveralls. The attractive element for me is their colour and texture...and also the way the colour just happens to complement the blue hoodie.


Only when I got to painting Cody's portrait did I notice this mysterious thing in his pocket; I should've asked him what this tool was. Is it simply a knife? Is it a cool measuring device of some kind? Is it a secret agent gadget fresh from Q Division? I had enough information to be able to paint the clasp, but I got more and more curious about what it actually was. Maybe I'll ask him at the reception...

See the full version of this painting HERE.

UPDATE: This painting is now sold.


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