Ed and Sandi Taylor

Ed Taylor

Sandi Taylor

The Taylors run Honey Wagon Farms located just at the outer western edge of Picton, growing a wide spectrum of vegetables (note the lovely potatoes below) as well as producing maple syrup in their own sugar shack.

They've been at it for fifteen years, not using any herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides, which often means extra, often tedious, work is needed. In fact, to get rid of the Colorado Potato Beetle from their spuds, they go out into the fields and actually vacuum the little buggers off the plants. With a vacuum cleaner. For real. That's pretty amazing. But the Taylors love it, feeling that farming allows them the opportunity to work with Mother Nature (Sandi told me that Ed comes in the house, gleeful as a kid, every season when the new sprouts begin to poke out of the ground, retaining that wonder in the miracle of life). They also feel farming provides them the great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are as interested as they are in growing and eating natural food.

Sandi's rubber boot.

Basket o' taters.

The abstract close-up.

This is actually the neighbour's dog, Socks, who often accompanies the Taylors during their farm work --so much so that they wanted to include him, and, of course, I had no problem with that as I'm growing quite fond of painting animals.

I mentioned in my post about Tim and Vicki that this painting was always intended to be monochromatic, and to keep things interesting for me, I wanted to give it a sort of vintage photo look, so it's not truly black and white, but, rather, it has a slight greenish tint from the olive green I used as the primary colour. Look close enough, and you can see quite a bit of orange from the acrylic underpainting showing through, warming it up a bit.

See the full version of this painting  HERE.

UPDATE: This painting is now sold.


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