11 June 2013

33 on 33: Day Eighteen

Dark and metric is my town
North, east, west, and south
Just because you're smiling
Doesn't mean you haven't drowned

–TMBG, "Dark and Metric"

My second day in Wellington proper for 33 on 33 began with fog and mist which expectedly turned to rain soon after I set up. Knowing it'd be raining again I parked my van across the street with a great view of my subject whether the side door was open or closed. Here's my Map of Progress.

Main St. looking east.

Of course, before I could start painting, I had to choose my subject, keeping in mind the imminent rain and the need for cover. There were a number of excellent choices, but I would have gotten soaked if I set up my easel outside, and most of the angles I liked were unavailable to me from inside the van. Painting the fog would have been a good challenge, but the best, yet most inconvenient and dangerous, angle was right in the middle of the street (another advantage of painting from photos).

Main St. looking west.

Another great view of the town in the fog from the middle of the street.

Library and archives.

When you're just driving through Wellington, it's easy to miss this gorgeous library  because of the huge trees out front, but it's certainly worth investigating, not only outside for its architectural splendour, but inside as well because it's the home of the Prince Edward County Archives.


This impressive entrance may one day become my subject for a painting. They just don't make libraries this interesting anymore.

Wellington United.

Most of this church is obscured by that tree in the first pic up top, but you can see its sign board, burning away in the fog, telling us of Wellington's 150th anniversary. My final parking spot was in the church parking lot (not visible here, but just to the left of the front entrance).

Centre of town.

Boasting some great shops (restaurants, cafés, grocery, hardware), Wellington pretty much has it all in a great centralized location (except for the liquor store, which is just a few kilometres to the east).

Wellington Park gates.

This park goes all the way down to the lake –barely visible here through the fog. This is directly across the street from the Town Hall (below).

Wellington Town Hall Community Centre.

Built in 1882 as a school (see below) it became the Town Hall in the early 1900s and is now a community centre.

Wellington Public School Town Hall.

St. Andrew's.

And here we have it: after about 20 minutes of hemming and hawing, photographing and dawdling, I finally decided that this cute little church was to be my painting subject for the day, but seen from the other side and across the street. St. Andrew's is just to the right of the Town Hall.

Wellington Public School.

I have no idea why this building is set so far back, but, like the library across the street, it's really easy to miss if you're just driving through town. Of course, the immense setback makes it look very grand –even through the fog. This school is just to the right of St. Andrews.

And here's the painting.

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